“Excellent Education For All”



  “The flowers of all tommorrow are in the seeds of today”

SIR J.P. GROUP OF INSTITIUTIONS aim to provide best education in a safe, secure and healthy environment to develop our students into progressive person who will later give our society strength and prosperity.

It provides education with all necessary facilities to the students, so that they get prepared to face the challenges posed by today's competitive world.


OUR policy

  “We Choose To Excel, Not To Complete”

Within the heart of every child is an instinctive desire to be good, to grow, to learn, to work, to love and to achieve. SIR J. P. GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS imparts education that stimulates thoughts, develops self-reliance and leads to a delight in whatever is fair in nature. Our Institutions excels in academics as well as extra-curricular activities. The students are an enthusiastic lot and will undoubtedly do exceedingly well.



  “Catch Them Young and Help Them Grow”

It provides education Within the heart of every child is an instinctive. The management leaves no stone untured in its efforts to improve the infrastructural facilities. "Necessity is the mother of invention". If it is so, then WILL is certainly its father, the power of the human WILL is dynamic. It is of such force that nothing can stand against it when one is determined to do something.