Admission Rules

Admissions are currently Open from Nursery I to Grade - IX  (Academic Year 2020 - 21)





·         The management reserves the right to admit or retain a student in the School. The sale of application form is no guarantee that admission will be granted.


·         A candidate who joins afresh Std. I will have to submit a Municipal Birth Certificate (Original) in support of the date of birth.


·         Students coming from recognized school within Maharashtra must produce the Results Report Card and a Leaving Certificate from the last school attended. Those coming from schools out of the state must produce a Leaving Certificate countersigned by the Education Officer of the State/Dt./Board.


·         Every application for Leaving Certificate shall be made by the Parent/ Guardian in the prescribed form available in the school office. It should state the reason for the student leaving the school and the proposed date of leaving.


·         The Leaving Certificate application is to be submitted before 15th April of the current academic year or else fees for June will be charged.


·         The intended withdrawal of student should be notified in writing at least a month in advance by the Parent/Guardian otherwise the student’s name will continue to be in the Register and the corresponding fee will be charged.


·         Application for Leaving Certificate should be submitted one month in advance for issue of the same.


·         A Leaving Certificate will be furnished only after a minimum one week’s notice and payment of all dues.


·         No fee will be charged for a Leaving Certificate asked ‘within’ a year from the date of leaving school. After this period a fee of Rs.100/- will be charged for every subsequent Year.


·         A fee of Rs.100/- will be charged for a duplicate copy of the Leaving Certificate.  Valid evidence on why such a duplicate is required and a statement in writing as to the fate of the Original Certificate will have to be provided to the satisfaction of the Principal.


·         A fee of Rs.100/- will be charged for taking on register any report of change in birth date or for an extract from the General Register.